Working successfully in isolation

5 mental and emotional strategies

As working from home and / or in isolation is becoming the new normal, research by Deloitte confirms that staff are 24% more likely to be happier and more productive working from home. This webinar recording provides 5 key mental and emotional strategies that will help you make the most of working in isolation. Rather than focusing on the practical logistics many people are putting into place (reliability of power, internet, technology and phones; and potential distractions of children, animals, family members, physical space etc.) you’ll learn instead how to focus on improving the elements that are within your own control: 5 mental and emotional strategies   For some it’s a learning journey right now. Learning to maintain a healthy balance between independence and connection will engender more freedom and choice and more robust businesses going forward. What actions will you take to work even more successfully in isolation? The webinar is 30 minutes long and is hosted by our Founder and CEO, Carole Gaskell.

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