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Organisational energy and health are key to transforming the world of work. We are all individuals, yet we are all driven by motivation. Understanding what drives us is the key to empowering people to achieve the extraordinary and discover their full potential. Unleash the power of your people, develop and maintain a happy and productive workforce.

“Mojo is a powerful tool with huge strategic value. It uniquely helps individuals, managers and their teams understand, measure and track what motivates them. We’ve seen significant shifts in leadership impact, engagement, wellbeing and productivity from upskilling people around motivation and rolling out the mojo dashboard. Holding everyone to account every three months to check in with their motivations has been a game changer.”Carole Gaskell, Founder FPG.

Effective EX (employee experience) strategies to attract, retain, inspire and motivate people are more meaningful than ever. Mojo is the employee motivation and productivity platform that helps you achieve all this and more. This talent tracker is powered by motivational maps and is a practical tool to improve both productivity and employee experience throughout the employee lifecycle.

Your Mojo Dashboard

Get started with Mojo by simply taking a 10 minute assessment. This produces your Mojo Motivational Dashboard that can be created at individual, team and company levels. Many organisations have found Mojo to be a proven and cost-effective solution to realising the benefits of increased motivation, performance, productivity, and wellbeing.

Behind all great organisations lie outstanding people. Great employee experiences lead to excellent products and services and exceptional customer experience. Research from Perkbox* shows that increased employee experience leads to:

  • 2.3 x higher revenue growth
  • 5 x better shareholder return
  • 21% higher profitability
  • 17% higher productivity
  • 10% increase in customer ratings

Implementing Mojo into the workforce

Many organisations have found Mojo to be a proven and cost-effective solution to realising the benefits of increased motivation by:

  • Providing a dialogue for motivation and continuous improvement
  • Helping managers listen to, understand and coach their colleagues
  • Offering personalised insights, action planning and goal tracking
  • Focussing on strengths-based, intrinsic motivational improvements
  • Increasing motivation increases productivity, engagement and wellbeing


The real beauty of Mojo is that everybody benefits. Employees are empowered to take ownership of what makes them happy and get the rewarding work environment they deserve. Leaders understand how to motivate their teams. Customers and clients get a better experience delivered by happy and motivated employees. And organisations benefit from increased profit, productivity and add more value to the communities they serve.

Our ebook will guide you through the nine different motivators, what they mean and the strategies you can use to motivate your workforce, energise your enterprise and create a high performance culture. Download it for free now

What you’ll get

Our team of experts will help you discover what motivates people at all levels in your organisation and provide insights on how to increase productivity and the overall employee experience. We will guide you through the process of setting up Mojo dashboards and enabling you to get the most out of your people.

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