Professional Certifications to step change people and business impact

Professional certifications and effective profiling tools enable you to get right to the heart of business challenges, harnessing the true power of people in an organisation. We have accredited thousands of people and training companies across the globe, equipping them with new skills and resources to add more value to the organisations, teams, and individuals they support. Giving you the expertise, skills, tools, and insights, we enable you to make a radical difference, growing people to unlock more of their potential and business impact.

Becoming accredited can boost your knowledge, impact, and results. There are a variety of options to expand your learning and development expertise. Book a call with one of our experienced consultants to help you evaluate the certification opportunities most relevant to you. Possibilities include:

  • Insights Discovery
  • Motivational Maps
  • Mojo
  • Neuro Agility
  • Full Potential Coach

Make more of a difference by becoming a Certified Practitioner

Whether you are an operational leader, an internal or external learning and development professional, a corporate trainer, or coach, qualifications are available for all levels of experience to best suit your professional development needs.

Are you an experienced in-house learning and development professional or teacher who wants to offer new learning and thinking? Do you want to add more value with your learning, training, coaching, team, leadership and personal development initiatives?

Or are you an entrepreneurial consultant, educator, trainer or coach wanting to provide leading-edge content and improve your business model?

Become part of a community helping people achieve their goals and benefit from a growing international network. All at low, fixed and predictable costs. Contact us for more information on how you can integrate world-class expertise into your business.

Grow your training or coaching business by becoming a Business Practitioner

We’re looking to partner with successful leadership development firms, training, coaching and educational organisations, with an existing client base, distribution, sales and marketing networks.

If you are interested in building your own team of specialised licensed practitioners or internal client practitioners, contact us. We can assist you in becoming a Business Practitioner in Mojo, Motivational Maps (for adults or young people) or Neuro Agility (for adults or students). You could add at least £100,000 annually to your revenue stream.


How we can help with certifications

Clients we’ve
helped across
the world

We have helped unlock the potential in over 700,000 individuals, hundreds of teams and more then 2,500 organisations since 1998. These are some of the clients we have partnered with, many of whom have been working with us for years. We are extremely grateful for the recommendations and repeat business we receive.

Don’t just take our word for it though, read some of our client feedback

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