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Becoming a Full Potential Coach Practitioner

Building internal coaching capability, teaching coaching skills and creating a coaching culture within your organisation can drive above-average revenue* and generate 36% boosts in productivity**. Becoming accredited as a Full Potential Coach will enable you to facilitate coaching skills for leaders and managers programmes in your organisation and help build a high-performance coaching culture

Transform people’s potential into real results, improving productivity, performance and wellbeing

Full Potential Coach intensive training has been developed over 25 years as a modular, blended programme including a Coaching 360-degree feedback tool, online learning, webinars, experiential workshops, and coaching mentoring to sustain high-quality coaching training and development long-term.

Are you ready to unleash new levels of performance, productivity and potential in yourself and every single person you work with?


If your colleagues need to achieve more with less, these sessions will get you practising and teaching coaching skills that will unlock at least 30% more potential in yourself and others.
Imagine how dramatically different people’s work and results will be when:

  • They take a coaching approach with people up, across and down
  • They are liberated from time-consuming tactical work issues
  • Their colleagues and/or team deliver serious results with minimum input from them!

Teach great leaders and managers to empower others. Help them create powerful inclusive teams that feel inspired and supported to achieve their full potential. Everyone can work smarter, better, and faster when you give them highly-pragmatic, robust, sustainable coaching tools.

Coaching is one of the most powerful ways of working with an individual, a team or a group to unlock a person’s potential and maximise their performance. It is helping people to learn, rather than teaching them.

Upon completion of this certification, you will gain:

  • Powerful, inspirational coaching and communication skills
  • Improved self-awareness, self-confidence, and coaching capability
  • Advanced skills in a supervised environment and receive detailed feedback
  • Increased openness to opportunities for personal learning and development
  • The ability to create targeted performance improvements for individuals, teams and the organisation
  • Insights to ensure you and your organisation’s coaches and mentors are properly equipped with the skills, knowledge and ethical understanding they need to deliver results
  • Opportunities to benchmark your organisation’s approach against the latest and best industry practice
  • Understanding of how to create a coaching and mentoring culture in which managers and leaders demonstrate their commitment to supporting their own and others’ development and performance improvement

Benefits for the organisation include:

  • Improved talent retention and development
  • Demonstrated commitment to individuals and their development
  • Improved organisational performance and productivity
  • The opportunity to cascade a coaching culture
  • Lower cost development and coaching of people on-the-job to drive business growth 

Full Potential Coach modules
Level 1 – Coaching Essentials
Level 2 – How to Coach Anyone Day to Day
Level 3 – Blockbusting and Motivational Coaching
Level 4 – Team Coaching and Action Learning

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*in an ICF and HCI study, 60% of respondents from organisations with strong coaching cultures report their revenue to be above average, compared to their peer group.

** according to an MIT Management Review report.


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