Building Management Capability

Activate all levels of management capability

Building management capability is an essential part of ensuring the success of any organisation. Developing the skills and knowledge of managers and high potential talent is crucial for driving innovation, improving productivity, and achieving strategic goals. Building management capability involves providing learning and development opportunities that target areas such as situational leadership, coaching, motivation, communication, decision-making, problem-solving, diversity, inclusion, and change management.

When investing in management development, you create a culture of continuous improvement, enhance employee engagement and drive business success. Our targeted training programs are designed to help organisations build management capability, focussing on practical skills and tools that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Don’t forget the ‘squeezed middle’. Empower middle managers for organisational success. 

Working with us is not a soft option. We support and challenge the organisation and its people to catalyse potential for growth. This requires honesty and a willingness to transform, shift mindsets and change behaviours. Our experts will work with your core team members, encouraging them to learn new skills while having the readiness to confront obstacles and issues and the courage to stick with changes even when the going gets tough.

Our approach typically follows the roadmap below:

  • Research, consultation and ROI measures
  • Organisational, business strategy and leadership alignment
  • 360 degree feedback, Individual, Team and Organisational Profiling
  • Experiential development programs with coaching, mentoring, action learning and project-based implementation
  • Cascading and embedding skills and capability for sustainable change
  • Evaluating results, impact and ROI

6-12 Month Management Development Programme

Now is the time to build critical skills, motivation and support structures for your rising talent, first-line managers and existing managers who want development refreshers. Equip them with tangible skills and tools to follow a clear roadmap and drive future success. We have over 25 years of experience in designing, facilitating, embedding and sustaining experiential management effectiveness programmes. Our expertise lies in building people’s capability with practical and sustainable learning methods.

Our focus is on maximising the quality of the experience for middle managers and building overall management capabilities within a workforce. We hold the tension between where they are now and where they are truly capable of being by supporting and challenging them to realise their full potential.

An immersive 6 – 12-month programme will be designed specifically for you to reconnect your people with the most effective ways of managing through complexity, change, challenge, and opportunity. Expand mindsets, embed new skills and rewire behaviours to deliver your strategic objectives and lead your organisation into the future. 

“Thank you so much for helping us develop an excellent, impactful management programme. I had a vision of what I wanted, and you delivered everything I hoped for and more. Developing managers is critical for our business as not only does it support them in their role, but the positive impact is felt by their respective teams too. The programme is practical and provides the right level of support and challenge, and the feedback we receive from our managers is overwhelmingly positive. By focusing on the skills and behaviours that are required it has helped shift their mindsets on how they approach managing their teams in a more holistic way”.

Head of Learning & Development, Financial Services

What you’ll get

Unique training programs for your middle managers to unlock the next level of potential and improve performance, developing total management capability within your organisation.

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your key talent

Enhance your agility
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Close any
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Confidently manage
change and uncertainty

Strengthen your
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Future proof
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