Insights Discovery

Improve performance on an individual, team or organisational level

Insights Discovery is a simple, practical and memorable four colour model for behaviours which, accompanied by a personal profile, team, division and/or company wheel, helps people understand more about themselves and others. Becoming certified as an Insights practitioner, you join a global community of experts making an outstanding difference to individuals, leaders, teams, and organisations worldwide. Take your professional development to the next level and bring the human to the core of every business challenge.

Grow your people to grow your business

As an Insights practitioner you will help:

  • Build strong relationships and bring the human into a hybrid world
  • Increase effective communication and build high-performing resilient teams
  • Develop sales teams that understand the demands of their clients and customers
  • Bring authentic leaders to the forefront and effectively lead hybrid teams
  • Individuals, teams and organisations re-evaluate their purpose and achieve their objectives in the new world of work

Why choose accreditation?

Insights Discovery enables you to bring value to your organisation and supercharge your professional development. Supporting individuals and teams to increase their self-awareness and recognise different working styles has significant impact on their ability to be successful at work. As an Insights Practitioner you will be able to apply human skill theory and people solutions to your organisation’s most pressing business challenges. Insights colours are highly memorable and easy to adopt due to the simplicity, stickiness, fun and practical relevance to a wide variety of work and life situations:

  • Personal effectiveness, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Team effectiveness and performance
  • Leadership development
  • Sales and relationship management
  • Culture and change management
  • Hybrid working

What are the benefits?

  • Exclusive access to the Insights knowledge and community hub, a private online community and learning platform built specifically for practitioners to get instant downloads of workshop materials, content, resources, and marketing collateral
  • Access to the Insights Discovery learning system to use as part of your in-house learning solutions
  • Workshop tools and resources
  • Your own Insights back office to create reports, and team wheels and organisational insights
  • Ongoing support from Full Potential helping you tailor Insights to address your business challenges
  • Invitations to join live learning workshops virtually and in person to meet your needs

Integrating Insights Discovery into our organisation has been transformative. As an accredited Insights Practitioner, I've improved team dynamics and tackled key business challenges. The support from Full Potential has empowered us to tailor the tool to our needs, leading to noticeable improvements in performance and engagement.

Valarie Williams-Foy, Senior Organisational Development Consultant Imperial College London

Who can become accredited?

Becoming an Insights Client Practitioner is ideal if you are already working in the field of learning and development and want to take your business to the next level. Practitioner development provides life-long learning for you to grow.

What does the certification involve?

Accreditations follow a 4-day agenda, designed to maximise engagement and learning quality and take place virtually or face-to-face. Please contact us for further details. The certification itself, involves:

  1. Theory
    We help you understand the origins and technical details of the Insights Discovery model.
  2. Preparation
    We show you a detailed walk-through of a best practice agenda and help you unlock the magic of a workshop.
  3. Delivery
    You’ll be on your feet and putting your learning into action, having a go at facilitating and coaching using Insights Discovery.
  4. Application
    Explore practical ways to address your business challenges and uncover ways to keep the magic of Insights Discovery alive in your workplace.

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We have helped unlock the potential in over 700,000 individuals, hundreds of teams and more then 2,500 organisations since 1998. These are some of the clients we have partnered with, many of whom have been working with us for years. We are extremely grateful for the recommendations and repeat business we receive.

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