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Our performance at work is the result of a combination of our skills, abilities and level of motivation. Even the most skilled and experienced person cannot be a peak performer if they are not motivated. But what is it that motivates us to get up every morning and do the job we have chosen for a career? Is it just the money? If so, no one would be doing the many important but not highly paid jobs in society!

The truth is that there are nine basic motivators at work and we have a mixture of them all in various quantities. But how can we work out the formula for every person in our team, workplace or even ourselves? The answer is by using mojo – powered by motivational maps. This tool is the result of many years’ research into human motivation and is quick and easy to use and interpret for employees and managers alike.

This ebook will guide you through the nine different motivators, what they mean and the strategies you can use to motivate your workforce, energise your enterprise and create a high performance culture. Download it for free now.