Webinar: Finding Your Mojo – realise more of your potential

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Webinar: Finding Your Mojo – realise more of your potential

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Do you know what truly lights your fire and drives you? On the precipice of so much change, many of us have lost our mojo. Less than 50% of us honestly know what motivates us – we’ve become disconnected with our “ why”?

In this inspiring and action packed webinar recording, you’ll find out how to “upgrade your own personal software”, know yourself better, and learn what really gets you out of bed in the morning. (Don’t confuse your strengths with your motivators, and don’t assume that what motivated you in the past is still important to you – our motivators can change – fast!)! Once you understand the 3 critical roots of motivation and how to recognise 9 key motivators, plus motivational hot buttons, you’ll be able to galvanise yourself (and others) into action, feel more confident in your decision-making, and know how to be make the most out of the year ahead – smarter, better, faster!

Key Learning Takeaways:

  • How to clarify what energises and drives you, and those around you
  • How to improve your satisfaction, confidence, wellbeing, productivity and happiness
  • How to measure and track your mojo over the year ahead.