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December 2016, Carole Gaskell on  MailOnline 
  • Successful people breathe for three minutes every morning, says expert
  • Carole Gaskell has shared the precise technique to doing it yourself
  • She says it boosts creativity, increases focus and reduces stress

Do you ever wonder how those successful people in your office do it?

According to one expert, there’s one thing that every successful person does every single morning without fail that sets them up for the day ahead – and it’s so simple that everyone can do it in seconds.

Indeed, as Carole Gaskell, coach and founder of Full Potential Group, a specialist coaching and leadership development company, explains, top CEOs and wealthy people take three minutes every morning just to breathe deeply.

‘Used daily, apart from boosting health and alleviating stress, mindful breathing has been proven to boost creativity, increase focus and attention with less stress and distraction during multi-tasking and even increase the size of your brain and speed up information processing,’ she explains.

Carole says that her specific breathing technique boosts creativity, increases focus and reduces stress

But, she says there’s a very specific technique when it comes to mastering the art of proper breathing.

She explains: ‘Eyes open or closed, whatever you prefer, take deep breaths in through your nose, breathing in powerful new energy down into your chest and abdomen and then breathe out very slowly, exhaling stale air, negative feelings and anything that might be holding you back.

Practising this, she explains, centres you for the day, connects your head, heart and gut with productive energy flow, improving your effectiveness, decision-making, confidence and peace of mind.

Carole adds that most of us ‘think’ too much but mindful breathing stops our rational minds racing away with over-thinking and signals to the body that we’re starting the day in a way we mean to go on.

‘Having taught mindful breathing principles for over 15 years, I know this is the silver bullet,’ she said. ‘It gives us the ability to process information faster, focus clearly, be more strategic and productive, improve resilience, problem solve, have new ideas and leaves us with more free time.’


As you bring your attention to your breathing, become fully conscious of it, is your ‘in’ breath as long as your ‘out’ breath? Does it feel heavy… Or light? Is it smooth or erratic? How do you sense the flow?

Allow your body to gently soften. Be with your breath. What are you aware of now? Can you feel any sensations in your body? Are you feeling tense or tight anywhere?

Breathe into any areas of tension and notice how you feel. What is drawing your attention now? Take your attention into any body sensations, stay with the feeling, be curious.

How are you feeling? Calm? Excited? Tense? Relaxed? Feel into your heart space. What are you aware of now? Tune into your mind-state.

What are you aware of? Do you feel spacious or crowded? Heavy or light? Is your mind swirling? Or calm? Full? Or empty?

Now breathe into your stomach or gut area and know that as you connect with your inner stability, you are waking up to the fullness of your life.

Be present with yourself; it can set you up for success every day of your life! Read the article on MailOnline

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