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7 free webcasts to support you to adapt to the new normal

We’d like to support you and your colleagues to find ways to navigate the craziness. We ran 7 interactive webinars, sharing latest ideas, tools and techniques. We hope that you enjoy them.

1. Working successfully in isolation
2. Harnessing a remote team
3. Focusing on your fundamental priorities
4. Keeping yourself and your team motivated
5. Boosting your well-being and resilience
6. VITAL communication skills
7. Improving your brain fitness and flexibility

These webcast themes can be customised for your organisation and run as live, interactive sessions or as recordings for you to upload onto your LMS platform. We would be delighted to co-create these with you.


Resources to help you emerge stronger from COVID-19


Catalytic CoachingCatalytic Coaching – 30 min high-impact sessions with an accredited coach, creating the space for leaders during this crucial time to get to the real issues quickly.


Working successfully in isolationVirtual Development
Many of your talent development needs can be delivered in virtual and interactive formats. By co- creating and partnering together your programmes can be designed to ensure that the content and style matches your company culture and is fully aligned with your talent development strategy.

Transform your lifeTransform your life
Join best-selling author Carole Gaskell as she takes you through 10 webinars based on her inspiring book.


To find out more about who we are and how we can help, please visit Our Approach. We have thought leadership content on a wide-range of topics in our resources section, including our blog and free downloads. You can also read our latest articles in the press. 

We would love to hear from you, please call us on +44 (0)1628 488990 or email us on info@fullpotentialgroup.com. To sign up to receive more information from us, please click here.

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UK’s Most Trusted Leadership Development Company 2019

CV Awards Most trusted leadership development company 2019

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Online Motivational Maps accreditation

Our next online Motivational Maps accreditation will run on 13th, 20th and 27th July. Watch this video from our Founder and CEO Carole Gaskell to find out more:

Practical uses of the map include:
• Improved self-awareness and decision making
• Improved team performance
• An effective change management tool that maps and measures organisational cultural change

Where we operate



FPG delivers programmes globally in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, the Middle East and Asia.


We believe that our work with individuals, teams and entire organisations is second-to-none, but you don’t need to take our word for it, click here to read our case-studies.

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Boosting your well-being and resilience

Boosting your well-being and resilience

NEW CMI research reveals a 50% slump in well-being during these challenging times, with an alarming 59% drop for people with parental responsibilities. Never before has our well-being and resilience been more important. In this content packed video you’ll learn: Why...

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Keeping yourself and your team motivated

Keeping yourself and your team motivated

Inspiration and motivation become infectious! People want to connect with inspiring, energised, motivated people. As we all face huge transformations in our lives and work right now, finding ways of keeping yourself, and those around you energised and motivated, is...

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Focusing on your fundamental priorities

Focusing on your fundamental priorities

These are crazy times for everyone. We are experiencing seismic change, like never before.  Navigating the chaos, confusion and unknown, can either get the better of us, or make us stronger. Focusing on your fundamental priorities is critical. Many of us right now are...

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Working successfully in isolation

Working successfully in isolation

As working from home and / or in isolation is becoming the new normal, research by Deloitte confirms that staff are 24% more likely to be happier and more productive working from home. This webinar recording provides 5 key mental and emotional strategies that will...

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Harnessing a remote team

Harnessing a remote team

We are all in it together and together we are stronger. Now more than ever, it’s time for teams to pull together, to collaborate, value each other’s strengths, contribution and the unique value each person brings to your team. In this webinar you’ll learn 5 ways to optimise remote team performance, plus tools and strategies to improve:  …read more

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