Young Person’s Motivational Maps

£102.00 (inc VAT)

Youth motivational map and virtual consultation 


Nine motivators drive your child or teenager. From Relationship Motivators to Achievement and Growth Motivators, recognising the motivational hot buttons of your children can help stimulate their motivation. Using Motivational Maps for young people supports and transforms their personal energy into outstanding performance.

The Youth Motivational Map provides young people with insights into their motivational drivers. It gives valuable understanding to others who have a significant influence on the young person, including parents, carers, teachers, and key workers.

Identifying their core motivations helps enable young people to become self-reliant and self-motivated lifelong learners. Teachers, youth workers and parents/guardians are provided with the tools to develop learning and reward strategies, to ensure effective engagement.

The online evaluator is specifically designed with young people in mind. Once completed, three motivational reports are produced:

  1. A motivational report for the young person themselves
  2. A motivational report for parents and carers detailing how to support the young person with their motivation
  3. A motivational report for teachers and learning professionals to support the young person’s development

There will also be a virtual consultation that can be with 1, 2 or 3 people – whoever wants to be involved from the youth, parent/carer and teacher.