Webinar: Working better together in a hybrid world

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Free webinar: Working better together in a hybrid world

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Hybrid working is here to stay with 41% of employers reporting significant increases in productivity and efficiency*. Resetting for success and embracing the benefits of the new world of work, means greater connection, communication, and leadership are required. 

In this webinar, we share fresh perspectives on creating connection, enhancing employee experience and a culture where people are excited, stretched and empowered to make a real difference.

By the end of the webinar you’ll gain a topline overview to help:

  • Realise the benefits of the new world of work by focusing on the 3 Es of productivity and optimal performance
  • Improve connection and track people’s motivation
  • Enhance communication effectiveness, recognising different personality types, their needs and their ways of working
  • Avoid 9 leadership pitfalls, simplify ownership and accountability
  • Multiply your impact, grow talent to grow your business

* CIPD November 21