Webinar: Creating a coaching and mentoring culture

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Watch our on-demand webinar on creating a coaching and mentoring culture to enhance leadership, employee performance, and organisational growth.


This interactive webinar will delve into the world of coaching and mentoring, exploring how to create a culture that fosters growth and development within your organisation.

Creating a coaching and mentoring culture enables an organisation to unlock more potential and performance in every single employee. Improved talent retention and engagement, stronger leadership capability and a sticky, high performance culture are just some of the benefits.

During this engaging session, our expert speakers share valuable insights, strategies, and practical tips on establishing a coaching and mentoring framework that unlocks the full potential of your team. Discover how to build strong relationships, empower individuals, and enhance performance through effective coaching and mentoring practices.

We know that great leaders and managers coach and empower others. They inspire people, support, and challenge them to deliver results that surpass expectations. They create unstoppable teams and a full potential culture.

Whether you are a leader, manager, or aspiring professional, this webinar is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to cultivate a supportive and collaborative environment.

This interactive session will provide invaluable insights on:

  • How to get the fundamentals right for success: Why, How and What
  • How to engage senior leadership.
  • How to optimise the ripple effect to leverage the ROI of coaching.

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