Mojo – the employee motivation and productivity platform

If you consider your employees as your greatest asset, investing in their development will yield a significant return on investment. Like many others, if you’re now embracing a hybrid workforce model, having effective EX (employee experience) strategies to attract, retain, inspire and motivate people will be more important than ever. Mojo – the employee motivation and productivity platform powered by motivational maps is a practical tool that improves both productivity and employee experience throughout the employee lifecycle.

According to Perkbox* research, excellent employee experience leads to:

  • 2.3 x greater revenue growth
  • 5 x better shareholder return
  • 21% higher profitability
  • 17% higher productivity
  • 10% increase in customer ratings.

To get started with Mojo, you simply take a 5-10-minute assessment, which produces your Mojo Motivational Dashboard. Dashboards can be created at an individual, team and company level.

Many organisations have found Mojo to be a proven and cost effective solution to realising the benefits of increased motivation by:

  • Providing a dialogue for motivation and continuous improvement
  • Helping managers listen to, understand and coach their colleagues
  • Offering personalised insights, action planning and goal tracking
  • Focussing on strengths based, intrinsic motivational improvements
  • Increasing motivation increases productivity, engagement and wellbeing.

Behind all great organisations lie outstanding people. Great employee experiences lead to outstanding products and services and outstanding customer experience.

Perkbox “Helping Employees Live better” Aug 2020

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