Leadership Development

Delivering your strategic objectives 

These are challenging and exciting times for leaders everywhere. If people are your greatest asset, you’ll no doubt be looking for relevant, cost-effective and tangible ways to improve their results, performance and confidence to deliver your strategic objectives.

Developing your leadership capability will ensure you:

  • retain and fast-track your key talent
  • enhance your agility and flexibility
  • close any talent gaps
  • confidently manage change and uncertainty
  • strengthen your leadership pipeline
  • future proof your leaders
  • boost your engagement and motivation
  • improve your employee wellbeing and resilience

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Develop your leadership capability

“I want to thank you for your support with this week’s Full Potential Leadership programme for our Fast Track team. Tracy and the course were both outstanding. I watched Tracy skilfully draw the participants out of themselves during the 4 days to achieve many significant lightbulb moments that I know, for some, will be transformational. The course content was rich, as I had anticipated, and the course design was highly participative (I suspect our team will be going back to their jobs for a rest). Thank you for your good service in building this for me so quickly. Everything moved like clockwork.”

Sara Laver

Former Head of People Development and Engagement, E2V

Building your talent and competitive edge

Honing practical leadership skills for today and tomorrow, inspiring and motivating people through change and uncertainty and boosting their mind-set and learning will enable you to retain your talent, close talent gaps and build competitive edge.

Achieving more with less

If you’ve been undergoing cost transformation, you’ll be keen to enable your leaders to do things simpler, better, faster, cheaper so they achieve more with less.

50% more likely to outperform

Leaders with strong people development skills are 50% more likely to outperform revenue expectations. With one in four high potentials planning to leave their organisation in the next year, boosting your leadership talent at all levels is crucial.

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We help you create your leadership blueprint

At FPG we work across the full spectrum of leadership development, creating shifts in mind-set, behaviour and skills, significantly improving:

  • soft skills & emotional intelligence
  • teamworking
  • performance management
  • inclusivity & collaboration
  • change, agility & flexibility
  • decision-making & critical thinking
  • engagement & motivation
  • authenticity & trust

Our consultants get under the skin of your specific business and leadership challenges, customising content to align with your vision, values and leadership competencies, or creating new bespoke programmes, specifically tailored to deliver against your strategic objectives.

Blended learning combines 360 degree feedback, psychometrics, experiential workshops, learning transfer pathways, webinars, coaching, mentoring, success measurement, results and ROI tracking.

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Leadership development modules includes:
  • Personal Effectiveness & Authentic Leadership;
  • Agile Leadership & Change;
  • Inclusive Leadership & Collaboration;
  • Managing Performance & Challenging Conversations; 
  • Influence, Impact, Purpose & Personal Brand;
  • Effective Decision-making, Strategic Thinking & Managing Risk;
  • Situational Leadership; Innovative Thinking;
  • Coaching & Mentoring Skills;
  • Motivating & Inspiring Teams Remote & Cross Functional
  • Resilience, Stress Management and Mindfulness.