Starbucks: Fulfilling your personal potential

The Challenge

Following promotion to Finance Director ‘N’ wanted to be a high performing and effective individual as soon as possible following his appointment. He had worked with Starbucks for seven and a half years and as FD was in charge of a team of ten people and had a vital role as part of the leadership team. ‘N’ explains “When I stepped up to be FD it was a challenging environment. I could do the finance ‘bit’ but now I was on the leadership team I felt I needed a much broader view of the business, and to be able to contribute on a variety of different topics.”

The Solution

‘N’ worked with FPG on his capability, credibility and influencing skills. In a challenging business environment it was important for him to be able to put his point of view to the team members and influence the business in the way it needed to be. Even the most successful people need to take stock of their personal strengths, talents and potential to grow themselves and their contribution to the business. FPG worked with ‘N’ to help him develop the right mindset, employ the right tools to go beyond his comfort zone and let go of his limitations. FPG was able to give him pragmatic, simple and easy to use tools and techniques to enable him to step into his power and fulfil his personal potential.

The Results

FPG coached ‘N’ over a twelve-month period on a one-to-one basis. “I had an incredibly successful experience with my coach over this period of time. We worked together on my leadership capabilities and influencing skills. I accelerated from someone who was new to leadership to an experienced FD in a relatively short period of time. Much faster than I would have been able to achieve on my own. My boss and I talked about what he wanted to see as well as what both our success drivers were. We aligned on what good looked like as an outcome and I was able to work with my coach on these”.

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