McCarthy & Stone: Inspirational coaching for leaders

The Challenge

A new CEO had come on board at McCarthy & Stone, moving the focus onto branching into other business areas and moving people within the organisation into leadership roles. McCarthy & Stone wanted their leaders to shift their mind set so that they could manage people in a different and more honest way.

The Solution

FPG delivered a bespoke, pragmatic and challenging 1 day programme. It was designed to be highly interactive, combining an intensive series of facilitated group discussions, brainstorming challenges with real-plays, reflective thinking and self-development exercises.

The 1 day programme explored Goleman’s 6 leadership styles and put coaching into context with these different leadership styles. It reviewed the High Challenge/High Support Model as well as practical coaching skills such as listening, laser questioning, power of silence, reflecting back and the GROW/CIGAR model. Participants were also equipped with a framework to assist in making difficult conversations more impactful and effective, the programme engaged, empowered and motivated the delegates.

The Results

The programme enabled McCarthy & Stone to strengthen and consolidate their senior leaders coaching skills and behaviours, which in turn supported them in driving the business forward in light of all of the changes taking place. The programme highlighted why coaching is vital and how it can impact performance management and enable honest conversations. They built on existing knowledge to strengthen coaching capability and competence.

“The most valuable thing about the programme was the awareness it created and how to approach dealing with difficult situations in a non-aggressive way.”

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