Heinz: Executive team – winning in changing times

The Challenge

Heinz, with Full Potential Group (FPG), embarked on a business initiative of creating a ‘winning culture’ to strengthen and maximise results, empowerment and engagement. They believed that the key to success and long term sustainability of this initiative lay in the Executive Team’s ability to role model leadership coaching and behaviours.

The Solution

Full Potential Group delivered a bespoke, pragmatic and commercially focused leadership coaching programme that encompassed a strategy and planning session as well as two events. The strategy and planning session was a key aspect of the programme and allowed FPG to fully understand the Executive Team’s vision and strategic objectives as well as the specific success factors for their development.

Two events then followed which equipped team members with pragmatic and transformational tools as well as behaviour and mind-set techniques to maximise their potential and the potential of their people. FPG enabled the group to share best practice, outlined the fundamental coaching tools and techniques needed to drive performance and gave them sustainable strategies for the long term.

The Results

The two day event enabled the Heinz Executive Team to equip the leadership team with a practical leadership coaching approach that would create significant shifts in performance, empower others to further develop capability of leaders and managers to spot business opportunities and challenges and become powerful and consistent role models for Heinz’s values by setting the standard for collaborative, empowering, high performance work.

The programme enabled people to hardwire the tools and techniques they learned into the organisation for a sustained long term change that would deliver an agile, resilient and winning culture.

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