Electricity North West: Creating a High Performing Team

The Challenge

The Operational Finance Team had recently undergone a realignment of its structure to create a robust and partnering approach that would contribute to and enable the delivery of the wider Electricity North West strategic business objectives. They wanted to work with Full Potential Group to equip team members with pragmatic and practical tools, techniques and confidence to lead others, influence key stakeholders and deliver business objectives.

The Solution

Full Potential Group created a two day pragmatic, experiential workshop, which was grounded in the reality of current business needs that stretched and empowered the team from an individual and team perspective.
The first day ‘Creating Cohesive, High Performance Team Working’ was a tailored, intensive and practical session using the outputs from the interviews to drive immediate depth. It clarified team purpose and committed the team to it, recognising individual and collective contribution through Insights Discovery®, harnessing team capability, deepening relationships through feedback as well as committing the team to foster and accelerate catalytic, connected team working.
The second day ‘Developing an Essential Skills Toolkit’ was experiential and business centric, focused on maximising individual contribution to the team to release the potential for them to add true value to Electricity North West. It helped them recognise their personal preferences and behavioural style and developed their confidence to influence upwards. Delegates came away with the practical skills to create a performance focused adult culture that unlocks potential and holds others to account.

The Results

Full Potential Group (FPG) enabled the Operational Finance Team to create a cohesive and high performance team environment that united its members behind a common purpose and behavioural standard that delivered unwavering support to the business. FPG delivered a practical, pragmatic toolkit of skills that allowed team members to effectively influence key stakeholders to drive change that would generate tangible results and form an adult-adult based environment where feedback, personal responsibility and effective conflict resolution is the norm.

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