Anonymous one-to-one coaching: Sustaining Consistent Performance Excellence

The Challenge

A Financial Services Director chose to work with a coach after identifying a need to supercharge his team and to operate more consistently. His performance had been erratic and he realised the need to create and sustain high levels of excellence both on a regional and a global level, whilst at the same time providing clearer leadership and communication within his team.

The Solution

FPG delivered an executive coaching programme that consisted of ten one-to-one sessions over six months, combining face-to-face with telephone sessions and email support.

The sessions focused on revisiting the individual’s talents, strengths, needs and values and clarifying his personal and professional contribution.

Coaching worked to strengthen his personal foundations, improve his health, well-being, integrity, authenticity and work/life balance as well as goal setting, boundaries, time management and accountability. He also worked on strategic planning and enhancing personal effectiveness, identifying limiting beliefs and behaviours and establishing new effective ways of operating. Interpersonal, coaching and influencing skills were further developed.
Vast improvements in the individual’s personal effectiveness were noticed by colleagues within weeks of him starting coaching.

The Results

The Director became more focused and able to see his professional life from a broader perspective and found that he had increased control of his life and career. He developed the ability to operate at a higher professional level.
He recognised himself as a leader and started to consistently behave like one, which gave him a greater sense of satisfaction and achievement.

The Director became more focused and able to identify core and non-core activities, working to more structured routines, communication and reporting systems, ensuring that he responded to telephone calls and emails.

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