Ageas: Re-igniting business performance through coaching

The Challenge

Ageas UK is a leading provider of award-winning personal and commercial insurance solutions. The company approached Full Potential Group (FPG) to help them to create a ‘high performance coaching culture’ in which managers were equipped and confident to raise the bar on performance, release individual and team potential and unlock discretionary effort. Ageas strategically decided that creating an open, honest and challenging culture, where employees felt empowered and engaged, would breed the energy and passion needed to meet challenging business and financial targets.

The Solution

The high performance coaching culture programme involved the four core UK business units. The programme commenced with a fast paced and pragmatic Masterclass for senior leaders from each of the business units – engaging them with their core role in supporting the programme and critically ensuring buy-in at a senior level.
The second stage comprised of a series of 2 + 1 day workshops focusing on the essential skills required to deliver high performance through teams working smarter not harder. The programme consisted of an initial 2-day event with a 1-day follow up 6-8 weeks later, providing time for participants to apply the skills learnt and to review and build on their experience and learning. Department heads, managers and senior supervisors were challenged and supported to apply the coaching skills and tools in the ‘moment’ and day-to-day, in order to deliver more from their people – removing the mind-set that coaching could only take place in a formal, time-rich session.

The Results

From the beginning, the Leadership team were keen that the overall programme results would be visible to everyone from the CEO downwards, to ensure company-wide engagement.

Feedback showed that the programme, put in place by FPG, was very well received and opened managers’ eyes to a different way of operating. There have been improvements in sales conversion rates and customer service levels, with some key managers clearly emerging as ‘champions’ of the new approach.

“FPG impressed me – they always made sure that what was delivered was right for business objectives, at all times being flexible, helpful, and easy to work with.”

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