7 Ways to use chaos to make you stronger

7 Ways to use Chaos to make you Stronger

These are crazy times for everyone. We are experiencing seismic change like never before. Navigating the chaos, confusion and unknown, can either get the better of us, or make us stronger. At FPG we’re determined to support our clients, business owners, leaders, managers, coaches and L&D professionals to capitalise on the business and personal opportunities that will be triggered in the coming weeks and months ahead. Many of us right now are struggling with a 3-way focus:

  1. Business and life as usual – how to keep momentum and the important priorities moving forward despite the chaos
  2. Contingency planning – considering the what ifs, re-forecasting, desperately trying to predict the uncertain path ahead
  3. Re-imagining the future, re-modelling, revising our vision and longer- term strategy.

Some of us are busier than ever, but for others the “pause” button has been abruptly applied with shocking repercussions. Now more than ever we need to be fleet of foot, whilst also creating essential time to think. We’re engulfed by choice – we can choose to engage in the fear, react and/ or feel paralysed; or we can face into the truth, proactively deal with the issues, shifting to a growth attitude, agile mindset and behaviours, and look for the windows of opportunity for a brighter future. VITAL communication skills1. We are all in it together – and together we are stronger, collaboration and VITAL conversations rule. Now, more than ever, it’s time to pull together, to collaborate, value each other’s strengths, support each other’s needs, ensure we have quality, vital conversations and leverage our connections to navigate a collective, positive way forward Well-being and resilience2. Your health, well-being and resilience are paramount. Taking our health for granted is no longer an option. Supporting each other’s resilience and well-being and boosting collective immunity is becoming a shared responsibility, for the collective benefit of all. Healthy minds, bodies and spirits are fundamental to our survival, so breathing, healthy food and nutrition, regular sleep and exercise are drivers to support everyone. Focusing on fundamental priorities3. Keep focused on your fundamental priorities – simplify and let go of anything superfluous. We can no longer afford to justify overcomplication. Most businesses – and lives – are ripe for simplification. Now is the time for ruthless prioritisation, valuing what (and who) is precious and important, and cutting out the rest – do it, delegate it or dump it (or them!). Remote connectivity4. Embrace remote connectivity, it provides greater freedom and choice in the way we work and live. With many people now embracing remote working, this will reshape the way we work in the future. For some it’s a learning journey right now. Learning to maintain a healthy balance between independence and connection will engender more freedom and choice and more robust businesses going forward Fresh perspective5. Open your mind to fresh perspectives. Standing back, quietening and refreshing your mind and taking a helicopter view is critical now – for individuals and teams alike. By shifting perspectives, challenges and opportunities are seen in a new light. Get a brainstorming partner or coach to catalyse your thinking, provoke a few ‘squirms’ and generate lightbulb moments to create the transformations you need to thrive. 6. Be agile, adaptable and embrace innovative thinking as your new normal. Neuroplasticity of the brain proves we can create and recreate new Brain fitnessneural pathways in our brains to embed new behaviours and ways of thinking. A huge benefit of being human is our ability to adapt to fast-changing situations. Now is the time for even greater brain fitness, neuro-agility and leveraging our humanness for the success and well-being of all. Keeping yourself and your team motivated7. Inspiration and motivation become infectious! People want to connect with inspiring, energised, motivated people. Navigating change with speed and effectiveness requires greater understanding of everyone’s motivational drivers – what motivates and inspires you, and recognising motivators in others, will unleash higher levels of sustainable energy and well-being long-term. 

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