Top tips for realising your full potential

Top Tips for Realising Your Full Potential

Carole Gaskell, Managing Director of Full Potential Group, summarises her 7 top tips to help someone realise their next level of potential.

  1. Set your intentions and vision of what could be possible for you, the opportunities you’d like to attract into your life and work and remind yourself of them daily
  2. Take time to fully honour your true self. By understanding your true essence; your purpose, passions, motivations, values and strengths and aligning yourself with these, life becomes immediately more fulfilling
  3. Notice when you’re struggling, watch out for blocks and resistance. Be honest with yourself about how you might be getting in your own way. Face in to any visible or hidden contradictions that might be indications that you’re working against your stated aims and objectives. Awareness is the first step to releasing their impact
  4. Do less and be more. Simplicity is key, so focus your action on the things you know will make the most significant difference and delegate or let go of less important distractions
  5. Have a daily self awareness practise – 12 minutes is enough. Find your own way of becoming present to yourself and getting into the zone. Whether its mindfulness, meditation, going for a walk, run or swim, giving yourself the space to pay moment by moment attention that is neither for or against what is arising, helps you connect with your inner self and see your world from a clearer perspective
  6. Expand your awareness to take advantages of synchronicities and opportunities as they present themselves. Allow yourself to go with the flow.
  7. Surround yourself with people who inspire and support you. Build your stakeholder network and connections and focus on what you can give.

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