Team Performance

Do you want to activate your team to higher levels of performance? Work more efficiently with remote team members? Whatever your strategic objectives are, investing in team development will enable you to drive performance to the next level, delivering them effectively so you:

  1. create an agile, high performance team
  2. invigorate your purpose, strategy and motivation
  3. catalysing personalities and skills
  4. breakthrough team barriers to success
  5. improve communication and collaboration
  6. optimise commitment to goals and procedures
  7. accelerate accountability to deliver collective results

Your teams are the most powerful unit of performance in your organisation. In most teams there is scope to increase productivity and performance by at least 30%.

Teams glue together quickly to deliver results


Harnessing a remote team

Now more than ever, it’s time for teams to pull together, to collaborate, value each other’s strengths, contribution and the unique value each person brings to your team. Watch our harnessing a remote team webinar or download our handout which summarise 5 ways to optimise remote team performance, plus tools and strategies to:

  • Create connection, trust and belonging
  • Know your team purpose and motivation
  • Understand how to work well together
  • Hold each other mutually accountable, agreeing actions to move forward.


Watch our videos below on how teams can improve, evaluate and achieve high performance

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Team Dynamics

You can address your team dynamics working on different levels:

  1. your core team dynamics
  2. with the team leader
  3. with each team member
  4. with the teams of your team members.

Your team will have its own dynamics. To optimise your team performance, we help you focus on 3 key elements:

  1. Why
  2. How
  3. What
We can help you accelerate your team performance

We help you optimise your WHY, creating or refreshing your purpose, vision and strategy; improving your HOW and ways of working as well as holding you accountable to deliver your WHAT, goals and strategic objectives.

Leveraging your HOW means understanding your team’s motivational drivers, values, spoken and unspoken behaviours and ways of working, knowing personalities and blind-spots will give you an edge.

What gets measured gets managed so we help you benchmark your team performance and use team diagnostic tools to ensure your team is fully aligned with your business’ strategic intention.

Watch our video on improving team performance

We can help you accelerate your team performance with:

High performance team profiling

If want to improve your team effectiveness, become a more cohesive, high performance unit, book a high-performance team session including personality profiling.  This can be extremely valuable when team members want to learn more about their strengths, weaknesses, blind-spots and value to the team; and understand the same of their fellow team members. Knowing each other better drives higher levels of synergy, collaboration, productivity, performance and enjoyment.

Understanding personality and behaviours

FPG’s team coaches use

  • Insights Discovery Personality Profiling
  • SDI
  • MBTI

to help individual team members understand and recognise their own and other’ default styles. Personality profiles can be produced as self-assessment or team 360 feedback, with team reports and team wheels used to summarise team dynamics.

Teams then learn how to:

  • improve communication
  • flex default style
  • play to collective strengths and values
  • This addresses gaps, improving team meeting effectiveness and achieving better results in less time.
Boosting team motivation and purpose

Your people are 50% more likely to exceed their performance targets when you understand and address your individual team member’s motivators and demotivators. It is fundamental to know what makes your entire team tick (and what turns them off).

Team motivation profiling

Every team member completes an online Motivational Map profile – this creates individual motivation reports for every colleague – also a team motivation report – an amalgamation of all the individual results. The reports measure overall motivation scores as well as highlighting how important different motivational drivers are.

This rich data can be de-briefed with the entire team in an experiential day or half-day session. Equally the team leader and individual team members can receive one-to-one de-briefs face-to-face or on the phone to deepen the learning.

Team Performance Breakthroughs

Does your team feel stuck? Have you reached a plateau that you can’t break through? Is that next level of success eluding you and your team? Many high performing teams reach a stage in their development when they are not moving forward or growing at the rate they’ve become accustomed to. If this is the case for your team, a team alchemy breakthrough session could help create the shift you’re looking for.

Breakthroughs focus not on the outer machinations of the team, but explore instead, your hidden internal dynamics and blocks that are inhibiting your best efforts to move forward. We revisit your team intentions and alignment, combining experience, pragmatism and intuition to unearth and diagnose energy blocks in the team. Once your energy is released, the strategic direction and results of your team will flow in accordance with your desired performance.

Address blocks to performance

By shifting the internal energy flow and dynamics of the team, the outer performance will flourish. Common results include a greater clarity of purpose, improved efficiency, unexpected growth opportunities, more creative energy, less political conflict, more fun, harmonious relationships, internal and external respect for the team.

Team Coaching

Are you looking to accelerate your team performance? Most teams are capable of at least a 30% improvement in effectiveness. Taking on a team coach to help you accelerate your performance helps you clarify your team vision, intent and purpose.

Team coaching

Initially we match you with the most appropriate team coach for your needs. Then we carry out a team assessment to determine the current reality of your team (and team members) and to ascertain the ideal outcomes and results you want to achieve.

You meet your team coach regularly for scheduled team sessions to review progress, integrate new mind-sets, behaviours and skills, measuring progress, refining your strategy and actions according to changing dynamics.

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