Online Neuro-agility certification

£2,040.00 (inc VAT)

An online Neuro-agility accreditation that takes place over 3 x interactive live webinars.


Become a Certified Practitioner and lead the way in neuro-agility impact

Increasing, measuring and tracking the agile brainpower of every individual, leader and team helps reduce the cost of change, enabling people to think faster and more innovatively, learn faster and perform better.

Your online certification programme consists of the following 9 steps:

  1. Complete your own Neuro-agility brain profile
  2. Online video learning pre-work
  3. Interactive Zoom webinar one (90 minutes): Welcome introduction and Understanding the Brain. Getting to know each other, an introduction to Neuro-agility, how to get the most out of the accreditation learning process and finally exploring the flexibility of 7 factors of a person’s neurological design
  4. Self-study, online video learning
  5. Interactive Zoom webinar two (90 minutes): Knowing how to boost the 6 drivers of brain performance
  6. Self-study continuation of online video learning
  7. Interactive Zoom webinar three (90 minutes): Interactive practise session de-briefing a variety of Neuro-agility profiles, opportunity to explore marketing and any outstanding questions.
  8. Self-study continuation of online video learning
  9. Membership of FPG’s Neuro-agility Practitioner’s community for continuing professional development.

This is an online certification that takes place over 3 x interactive live webinars. The webinars are carried out over the Zoom Video Communications software. Please contact us on +44 (0)1628 488990 or to register your interest.


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