How to improve motivation

How to improve Motivation in the summer

Summer is a time when the vibe changes, as the days become longer, people go on holiday and you just want to spend time outdoors. The office can become a place that employees want to avoid, as they are burdened by extra work of colleagues who are on annual leave, energy levels drop and productivity declines.Here are three tips to improve motivation in your organisation, especially in the summer months:

Review strengths and passionsReview strengths and passionsMake sure employees are working on a project they value and that they feel they are good at. As a result, they will gain energy from contributing in the way they believe will make a difference. Consider your values and what gets you out of bed in the morning: is it the desire to connect with other people, is it a drive to achieve your targets or to do something meaningful? Whatever it might be, keep it in mind while you work, align your tasks with what is important to you

Maintain communicationMaintain communication Keeping regular communication between team members is important for motivation, especially when people might be working different hours, or are not around as much. Knowing what is going on with the people around you can help putting the work into perspective and significantly improves performance and morale. Keep everyone in the loop with regular briefings and updates. Clarify the big picture

Clarify the big picture People get energised by linking their goals to the wider team and business. Encourage others to give and receive praise. Feeding back on the impact they’re having as a team lights the fire from within and can achieve great things. Reflect as a team on how people’s individual values contribute the team’s values, so that everyone feels they are doing what motivates them the most, while simultaneously contributing to the bigger goal and purpose.


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