Culture change

A thriving, confident, inclusive culture

Are you looking to create a full potential organisation thriving with confident, energised individuals, purposeful teams and empowering leaders? Are you seeking to build a distinctive, engaging, inclusive, high performance culture that is a magnet for talent and customers?

Whether you’re shifting an existing culture, merging two different cultures together, seeking to reinvigorate tired, fearful or stale ways into a more exciting, enterprising and engaging culture or are creating a new culture from the ground up, FPG has over 20 years’ experience helping step-change company culture to meet the demands of the changing world of work.

The benefits of shifting to a fully engaged culture include:
  1. improved productivity, performance and results
  2. stronger organisational identity and values 
  3. increased staff retention and attraction of top talent
  4. increased employee buy-in and ownership of objectives
  5. enhanced employee health, resilience and well-being
  6. less stress and lower employee attrition
  7. improved customer experience, loyalty and retention
  8. natural competitive advantage

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Change Leadership Consulting

We are facing one of the most challenging periods in change leadership for over 30 years. It is commonly accepted that 70% of change initiatives fail to deliver results. This does not have to be you.

You can embed successful cultural change by:

  • leadership excellence and engagement
  • motivation, wellness and resilience
  • innovative and inclusive culture
Change leadership consulting
Full Potential Group's approach to driving change

One of our drives these past couple of years has been around how do we do things quicker, better, faster. The relationship with FPG has either given us innovative ideas or also been collaborative in thinking of ways to do things more innovatively. Having a partner that is totally up for that, and works with us, is helps us being more innovative.


We partner with you to implement 10 key components of change leadership, helping sustain motivation and an agile mind-set, whilst measuring and rewarding success.

Too much emphasis is often placed on process over people. This is one of the top reasons why many change initiatives fail, along with a lack of ‘why’, a clear purpose for the change; poor motivation and staff morale. 

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