Coaching & Performance Management

Are you looking to create a high performance, collaborative and inclusive culture where your leaders and managers are empowering and growth-orientated?

Do you need people to achieve more with less?
If you’ve just been through a cost transformation exercise, and need people to achieve more with less, coaching helps you accelerate the talent of the people you have.

Benefits of coaching and performance management include:

  • Creates a high performing, collaborative culture
  • Improves individual, team & organisational performance
  • Fast-tracks people in transition and new roles
  • Empowers individuals & teams to take responsibility
  • Shifts people’s mind-set, confidence & capability
  • Increases employee and staff engagement
  • Promotes a leadership style that develops talent

By effectively developing employees, managers can be better coaches and improve performance by up to 25%

                                                                                                                                                      Carole Gaskell

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Research proves that leaders with strong people development skills are 50% more likely to outperform revenue expectations. When leaders use coaching as part of their leadership style, the quality of their conversations improves dramatically, the company culture becomes more growth orientated, with improved opportunities for career advancement. 

Generates a 36% boost in productivity

Introducing a coaching style of leadership will help you activate more potential in every single person in your organisation. Coaching speeds up succession and closes your talent gaps. Creating a high performing environment where your people thrive. Our experienced coaches and trainers are catalysts, dramatically accelerating a leader’s performance, confidence and results.

Strengthens your talent and boosts growth

Return on investment measures prove that skilling people with pragmatic coaching and performance management skills, strengthens your talent pipeline and boosts organisational growth.

Empowering instead of 'command and control'

If your culture or leadership style has become too directive, too ‘command and control’, you are unlikely to be getting the best from your talent. Equally, if leaders are weak at performance management, unable to have difficult conversations, or lack the ability to provide the right balance of support, challenge and feedback, your performance will be weaker.

FPG coaching programmes build a more engaged and valued workforce to deliver consistent and sustained performance. You will improve constructive feedback and performance management and build greater trust and engagement.

A recent global survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers found the mean ROI in coaching was 7 times the initial investment, with over 25% of leaders reporting ROI of 10 to 49 times the cost. 

50% more likely to outperform revenue expectations

Coaching and performance, engaged and valued workforce

Most people are capable of achieving at least 20-30% more of their potential – they just need to know how to access this.

                                                                                                                                                                     Carole Gaskell

Carole Gaskell

I am still buzzing from the advanced coaching course and I find myself reflecting back on the two days and applying the coaching techniques already.                                                                                            Store Operations Manager

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FPG coaching programmes build a more engaged and valued workforce to deliver consistent and sustained performance. You will improve constructive feedback and performance management and build greater trust and engagement. 

Whether you would like advice and support to cascade a coaching or mentoring culture within your organisation, or would simply like to find an executive coach, train people to provide your own coaching skills training, or performance management, we can help you. 

Coaching skills training

Over the last 20 years, FPG has developed a modular, blended approach to equipping leaders with the mindset and skills to coach as part of their leadership style. A coaching 360 degree feedback tool is used at the beginning and end of the programme to measure progress and results. Online learning, webinars and one-to-one coaching can help sustain coaching as a leadership style long-term. 

Coaching skills modules include:

  • Challenging Essentials – how to coach anyone day to day
  • Challenging Coaching – managing performance, difficult conversations
  • Blockbusting Coaching – changing attitudes and behaviours
  • Full Potential Team Coaching – accelerating team performance.

Becoming a Full Potential Coach Practitioner

Building internal coaching capability and creating a coaching culture within your organisation can drive above average revenue *and generate 36% boosts in productivity**. Becoming accredited as a Full Potential Coach will enable you to facilitate coaching skills for leaders and managers programmes in your organisation and help build a high- performance coaching culture.

Full Potential Coach intensive training has been developed over 15 years as a modular, blended programme including a Coaching 360 degree feedback tool, On-line learning, webinars, experiential workshops and coaching mentoring to sustain high quality coaching training and development long-term.

*in an ICF and HCI study, 60% of respondents from organisations with strong coaching cultures report their revenue to be above average, compared to their peer group. ** according to a MIT Management Review report.




Level 1 - Coaching Essentials

Focuses on developing a full potential coaching mindset, teaching 3 essential coaching skills and a versatile model to coach in the moment as part of the way they lead day-to-day.

Level 2 – How to Coach Anyone Day to Day

Explores how to flex coaching styles, coach remotely, have challenging conversations and coach upwards, with senior stakeholders and in peer-to-peer relationships with no formal authority

Level 3 - Blockbusting Coaching

Teaches how to develop leaders to coach people to change their attitude and behaviours, how to address blind-spots and potential limitations and recognise brilliance with catalytic feedback

Level 4 - Team Coaching and Action Learning

Focuses on harnessing the learning of a group, moving beyond individuals to coaching a diverse team using our powerful full brain team coaching model

Charisma Connection Coaching Accreditation

With unprecedented levels of change, flatter structures, the need to collaborate and achieve more with less, cascading  authentic charisma across your organisation will build trust, boost performance and engagement and accelerate business growth.

Following 30 years of research and development,  International Charisma expert, Nikki Owen  has created this advanced level coaching accreditation for experienced coaches, facilitators, learning and development professionals.

Accreditation includes an experiential on-line learning pathway, with buddy support,  two face-to-face training workshops , a unique self -awareness and team 360 charisma perception tool and a series of hypno-meditations, all underpinned by practical tools to measure and track charisma improvements by individual, cohort and across the business.

Organisations involved in the testing phase of the Charisma Programme achieved an average increase in revenue of 16% over 12-months. Self -confidence and self-belief increased by 29%, feeling respected and valued increased by 25%.

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