Online Motivational Map Accreditation

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Motivational Maps online accreditation


The Motivational Map is an ISO accredited online self-perception inventory that crucially focuses on motivation rather than personality. The Map (which takes 15 minutes to complete online), helps people understand motivation at a deeper level and what they can do with that knowledge to improve performance.

The map provides a solid foundation to give insight on how to measure motivation and raises awareness around 9 key motivators and how people can address these hot buttons to improve results. It gives specific actions you can take to maintain consistently high levels of motivation and energy longer-term.

Practical uses of the map include:
• Improved self-awareness and decision making
• Improved team performance
• An effective change management tool that maps and measures organisational cultural change.

Your Accreditation Journey:
Pre-course work:
• Watch a series of online video tutorials
• Receive a hard copy of “Mapping Motivation” by James Sale, along with your accreditation support materials
• Complete your own Motivational Map (if you have not already done so)
Attend Training Course:  3 x Online sessions
• Understanding Maps
• Reading Individual Maps
• Team Dynamics
• Workshop facilitation
• Back Office Training
Post-course work:
• Confirmation of Learning call
• Access to videos and FPG helpdesk for 1 month
• Full access to Motivational Maps website for additional resources

This is an online accreditation that will take place over 3 x interactive, live webinars. The webinars are carried out over the Zoom Video Communications software.

Please contact us on +44 (0)1628 488990 or to register your interest.


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