Customer Experience

Do you want your employees to be obsessed with customer service? Are you seeking to motivate your team to take a customer-centric approach to their day-to-day duties and work activities, putting customer needs first when connecting and providing support to your customers or clients?

The benefits of an authentic service culture:

  1. richer customer relationships
  2. improved loyalty
  3. increased performance and profit
  4. reduced cost
  5. improved employee engagement and staff retention

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Growth mindset image, model for authentic charisma coaching

Model for authentic charisma coaching

Cascading authentic service culture


Harvard Business School research shows that your employee’s emotional style also drives everyone else’s moods and behaviours through a neurological process called contagion. This spreads to your customers and clients.

Low authenticity, inconsistent behaviours and poor trust are holding many organisations back from creating a genuine service culture.  Many organisations think in terms of customers’ trust and belief in their products and services, but trust, authenticity and belief within an organisation are just as important, if not more so. Employees work hard giving discretionary effort when there’s trust, belief and positivity.