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“Change can happen in a moment.” Nikki Owen 

Charismatic leaders are 60% more effective according to research by Harvard Business Review  (HBR June2012, Learning Charisma). Suddenly organisations are waking up to an awareness that by developing the charismatic potential within their leadership teams means they can accelerate change and improve performance regardless of the challenging trading conditions. The phones are ringing for requests for business coaches who can help business leaders with their charisma, presence and gravitas to optimise their effectiveness at speed. Evolving my thirty years of research into charisma and shaping it into a high impact coaching intervention has helped me recognise that conventional coaching is not efficacious in this context. You can’t teach charisma and you can’t teach processes that will magically embue the leader with a radiant star quality. For an individual to shine in their own unique way, the coaching intervention requires a gentle and persistent focus on removing the unconscious barriers that are blocking an innate charismatic presence within that individual. Charisma is an authentic power that captivates the hearts and minds of others. Every individual expresses charisma in their own unique way. Every individual also blocks their charisma. Charisma can only be re-ignited. When this happens the individual accesses their highest functioning, highest performing state of being. The emphasis is on clearing away the emotional debris to allow the individual’s natural essence to shine and radiate. Authentic charisma coaching differs from conventional coaching because it:

  1. Works mainly with the unconscious mind to ensure depth of transformation. Many of the psychological programmes that we run as adults are formed in childhood and are no longer helpful or actively sabotage our performance.  We can only identify, access and resolve these limitations by working in collaboration with the unconscious mind.
  1. Encourages the coachee to operate from their ‘felt’ sense rather than their thinking mode. Every emotion held within the body contains a message – a raisin d’etre for being. Noticing where we are holding emotions in the body enables us to gather useful information. You can’t ‘think’ your way around your body – you have to feel and for many people this requires them to switch into a different sensory operating mechanism.
  1. Involves working with an individual’s energetic field. Nobel prize winning physicists have proven that the physical world is made up of a sea of pulsating particles of energy that flash into being every millisecond. This is the world of quantum mechanics and holds the key to understanding how to work at a deeper level to create positive and sustainable transformation. Demonstrating the impact that thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and judgements have on our energy and other people’s energy serves to increase mindfulness and an expanded awareness.

During the early years of testing my charisma coaching processes I did wonder how receptive individuals, particularly leaders would be with dowsing, constellations and intention-based experiments. Yet the way these concepts are positioned ensures that the coachee is taken on a step by step journey to the centre of their core. People are amazed at the goldmine of information that exists within their inner knowing. Because a leader’s time is such a valuable resource I wanted to find ways to reduce the number of charisma coaching interventions whilst increasing the overall impact. By incorporating a simple online pathway the coachee instantly experiences learning transfer in the workplace and can tap into a vast range of informal learning resources. Blending an online element enables face-to-face time to be optimised so the coachee experiences a sense of reconnection with who they are at a deep level. Authentic charisma coaching is not for everyone because it is hard to hide from the deep dive awareness of the charisma coach’s ‘spider senses’. Yet the coachee feels the change happening and they notice a difference in how they look. Kate Woodward is an Executive Coach for Full Potential Group. She is one of the first coaches who began working with my authentic charisma coaching methods. I wanted to get her perspective on how authentic charisma coaching varies from the coaching approach she has been using. “I have been coaching for about 15 years and have coached more than 500 individuals in some way, shape or form. I qualified with Coach U, one of the original coaching universities. Since qualifying in 2003, I have added more and more strings to my bow, constantly endeavouring to enhance and improve my coaching. I use many leading edge tools and techniques such as Insights Discovery, Motivational Maps, NLP, EFT, Strengths Finder, all designed to help deepen understanding and expedite results. I am also a qualified yoga instructor – again, all part of a desire to help people realise their full potential; physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually.  The Charisma Coaching Programme grabbed my attention from the start, not just as a coach but also as a coachee. The results are immediate. The impact of the coaching occurs at a deep, sub-conscious level where change happens naturally and almost easily because something shifts from within, releasing answers and potential that were just waiting to surface. The sub conscious is an un-tapped sea of wisdom; as a yogi I have learned to listen to my sub-conscious but I have always struggled to bring this out of my yogi world into the more rational world I tend to coach in.  Nikki’s research into Charisma, into the world of molecular biology, quantum physics and neuro science has given me the words and the explanations that I need to help people realise and recognise the power of the sub conscious mind, the effect of thoughts on our energy, the effect of energy on ourselves and others, the relationship between authenticity,  psychological well being and performance.  Most coaching programmes claim to be transformational, and many are. The Charisma Coaching Programme however has the potential to re-write the coaching landscape (in mobile phone terms, a bit like the transition from the old flip top Nokia to an IPhone!).  As a coach I feel I have seriously upgraded my tool kit! “ If you are an early adopter and love the challenge of something very different then please get in touch on 01628 488990 or

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