Agile Learning

Are you looking to create a learning culture and improve your workforce agility as a core differentiator in today’s rapidly changing business environment? 

Agile people have the skills and abilities to respond quickly to new developments and mobilise themselves into action as efficiently as possible. 

An agile learning culture is one with organisational values, systems, development and practices that support and encourage individuals, teams and the organisation, to increase knowledge, competence and performance levels on an ongoing basis.

“A company’s ability to learn faster than its competitors may be its only sustainable competitive advantage in the future.”

Former CEO of Shell Oil Company, Arie de Geus

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The benefits of an agile learning culture include:

1. Improved employee productivity, morale and motivation.
Learning practical skills improves productivity and people feel your organisation is investing in them, valuing them, which boosts their engagement.

2. More promotion from within, reducing recruitment costs.

3. Greater “growth mindset” in your employees.
People feel more positive, work harder, perform better, and adapt to change faster than those with a “fixed” mindset.

4. More adaptable to change and technology with on demand learning, people are more curious, asking questions and continually acquiring new skills. They are therefore better equipped to anticipate disruption, and innovate.

5. High ROI.
When your organisation is adapting to change more easily, innovating more, developing talent internally, promoting people more rapidly, and generally boosting productivity, performance improvements are huge.

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Why agile learning is important


We process 30x more information than 20 years ago


80-90% of serious injuries and accidents attributed to human error


60-70% of current jobs are likely to be redundant in 10 years

How do you improve brain speed, agility and flexibility? Dr Andre Vermeulen talks to our Founder and CEO Carole Gaskell.

Measure 7 factors of agility and learning

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Are your people overwhelmed, distracted and impatient as shown in Bersin research by Deloitte?

Agile learning and flexibility in when, where and how they learn will become increasingly important.

Our experienced consultants work with you on prioritising your learning culture, so you:

  • Maximise your employee potential
  • Build skills of the future
  • Improve innovation, creativity and use of technology
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